Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for courses?

Individual course registration is sent out through our email newsletter when space is available. Make sure to sign up on our homepage.

Can I come visit?

As an education organization, we do not have a site where we grow food. We offer courses and partner with farms and gardens in NYC to visit their sites for our courses. We would love to welcome everyone to Farm School— the best way to visit and learn more is to take a course.

How much do courses cost?

Currently, our individual courses are offered at a rate of $10 per course hour. So if a course is 20 hours long, it would cost $200.

For our certificate programs, we offer sliding tuition scale based on household income. For more information about this, be sure to visit the "Certificate in Urban Agriculture Fees and Payment Structure" section in our Application Guide.

How can I volunteer?

Thanks for wanting to help! Farm School is supported by a robust community of students, faculty, and partner organizations. We usually don’t have the capacity to host volunteers, so please consider volunteering with one of our community partners.

How do I apply?

Applications for our certificate programs are available each summer, around July through September, with the programs starting in the fall. You don’t need to apply to take courses individually.

I don't have any experience with farming, can I still apply?

Yes! We are open to everyone interested in growing food through the lens of food justice. Farm School is great for people going through a career change and just beginning to learn about farming.

What do people do after they graduate from the certificate programs?

Our alumni have gone on to launch their own farms, work as farmer's market managers, gotten jobs at urban and rural farms, started garden consulting practices, started food-based businesses, built gardens at their schools, and become farm educators.

When do courses take place? 

Courses generally take place Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm. On occasion, courses will have modified schedules to adapt to holidays and teacher schedules.