Sandy Nurse

Sandy Nurse
Carpentry and Building Intro Instructor


Sandy Nurse is a social justice activist and community organizer based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She began learning carpentry and other relevant skills three years ago through a year of intensive training with the NY District Council of Carpenters and the Mason Tenders Training Fund. She later worked for a Passive House design-build firm in 2012-2013, which eventually became the first minority-owned construction collective in New York City.

The motivation to learn carpentry came from wanting to directly put into action the ideas she had in her head. She enjoys problem-solving through design and using reclaimed/free materials to create beautiful public spaces. She loves teaching carpentry to youth and especially female-presenting folks and supporting them in creating the things they are needing.

Sandy currently runs BK ROT, a youth composting jobs project, is part of opening of new social justice movement space called Mayday, and is part of a climate justice direct action crew.