Roughwood Seed Collection Workshop - Farm School Community_9.25

Seed Keeping Workshop @ Roughwood Seed Collection with Owen Taylor

A Farm School NYC Day Trip Workshop
to this seed farm in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Sunday, June 26, 2016
8am - 8pm

Saving seeds is a radical act!  Learn about crop planning, spacing, pollination, and recordkeeping for seed keeping -- all in one full day with Owen Taylor, grower/manager of 1000s of heirloom seed varieties at Roughwood Seed Collection, and Farm School NYC.

This full day trip includes round-trip transportation on a charter bus (leaving and returning from Manhattan), a bagged breakfast, and 6-hours of instruction and hands-on activities at Roughwood with Farm School NYC teacher and talented seed saver, Owen Taylor.

To make this event more accessible for everyone regardless of their resources, ticket prices are offered at a sliding scale including four levels of pricing:

Level 1: $45
Level 2: $60

Level 3: $75
Level 4: $90

Please support Farm School by paying as much as you are able to help cover our costs; bus rental alone is $1,400.  Use our income scale to determine your ticket price.


About Owen:  Owen Taylor, manager of the Roughwood Seed Collection, is gearing up for his fourth season growing out, harvesting, storing, and documenting our thousands of varieties of living ancestral seeds using an agroecological approach. He has worked with hundreds of volunteers & lead hands-on interactive seed keeping workshops for hundreds of attendees, sharing the art of saving seed.  Follow Roughwood's growth throughout the seasons via Instagram and Tumblr.