Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc.

Garden of Hope and The People’s Garden

Location of apprenticeship site: 7 Fairmount Ave, Newark, NJ and 86 Garside St, Newark, NJ

Name of organization or business, if different from site name: Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc.

Name and title of supervisor: Tobias A. Fox, Managing Director

Supervisor Contact Info:; (646) 399-0337

Number of Apprenticeship Positions available: 2

Title of apprenticeship position(s): Food Justice Apprentice

Have you had a Farm School NYC apprentice in the past? No

Is your site accessible via NYC public transportation (i.e. train or bus)? Yes

If yes, please provide public transportation directions to your site:

  • NJ Transit Path to Newark Penn Station then 21 Bus to W. Market St & Fairmount Ave.

Why do you want to work with a Farm School NYC apprentice?

  • Assist with the managing and ongoing cultivation of our community gardens.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of age relevant educational, hands-on programs and activities around topics of wellness & nutrition education, urban gardening, eco-art, climate resiliency, and renewable energy.
  • Assist with the organizing of small to large groups around issues related to urban agriculture, climate change, wellness & nutrition, and the use of renewable energy.
  • Initiate and maintain respectful and mutually supportive relationships with residents, elected officials, local business owners, and other community stakeholders.

If your site is not selected by a Farm School NYC student, would you like to make your apprenticeship available to the public? (If yes, Farm School NYC will post your apprenticeship description to our website once the student selection process has ended.): Yes

Apprentice Work Schedule

Number of Hours per week: Must consult with apprentice

Number of Hours total (140 hours minimum): Must consult with apprentice

Is there a specific term for the apprenticeship? Must consult with apprentice

Specific days and times of apprenticeship, if relevant:

The schedule is flexible / they are willing to create a schedule that works for the
apprentice. (A set schedule must be agreed upon in writing prior to the start of the apprenticeship.)

Financial Details

Will you offer the apprentice payment or a stipend? No

Apprenticeship Description

Please select all of the following categories that apply to this apprenticeship: crop production, teaching, advocacy, enterprise, community food arts

Please describe the apprenticeship responsibilities and tasks. Please specify if the apprentice will
have a specific project or whether they will be involved with general operations. (Please use
additional pages if necessary):

The apprentice will assist with the cultivation of 2 community gardens: Garden of Hope and The People’s Garden. He/she will also assist with the organizing of our Farm to Table Co-op, nutrition awareness, and participate in our food justice work through the Newark Community Food System collective.

What will the apprentice learn through this apprenticeship?


  • Hands on experience on garden production and management;
  • Create a produce distribution system for residents and the market;
  • By the end of their apprenticeship become an urban agriculturist entrepreneur;
  • Become a more informed food justice advocate as it relates to urban communities.

Supervisor & Site Details

How does your farm/project reflect the following Farm School NYC vision: “Farm School
NYC aims to increase the self-reliance of communities and inspire positive local action
around issues of food access and social, economic and racial justice”?

Utilizing the approach of social entrepreneurship, Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc. (Newark SAS) is a community-driven, 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Newark, NJ that implements various initiatives to increase awareness of environmental issues through educational programs and hands-on training. We strive to assist with the creation of self-sustaining communities by developing pathways for green jobs that contribute to self-sufficiency and community empowerment. We are achieving this by partnering with residents, community-based organizations and stakeholders, including local businesses.

What experience and knowledge will you (the Supervisor) share with the apprentice?

Tobias A. Fox, Managing Director, began writing at eighteen, creating poetry, then short stories and screenplays that were both expressive and therapeutic, as a means to deal with the violence and poverty in his upbringing and a positive alternative to the urban blight of drug culture and limited outlooks. Aside from being a writer and having ten years of independent publishing experience, Fox is a Professional Organizer, Master Gardener, Photographer, and Coordinator of an annual Sustainable Living Empowerment Conference. He conducts various community events, presentations and workshops on sustainable living practices and has assisted numerous urban farmers and gardeners with the cultivation of their agricultural space.

Fox prides himself on his community engagement skills and ability to build local movements. Since 2011, he has brought individuals together in small and large groups for various programs and events related to environmental and socioeconomic issues, and utilization of best practices. He has been able to achieve these outcomes by capitalizing on his knowledge of documentary-style filmmaking and social media to share residents’ stories. In 2012, he was awarded an Exemplary Service Recognition by the Greater Newark Conservancy for his work as a Community Organizer. In 2014, he was awarded the Newark NAACP Environmental Justice Honoree, and received a 2016 Community Service Award presented by the Northeast Earth Coalition. He is also founder of the community-driven, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Newark Science and Sustainability, Inc.

What is exciting about your apprenticeship site?

Our gardens are grounded in residential neighborhoods plagued with bodegas and fast food. We have granted access to fresh, locally grown produce to residents who live there and the local businesses in the neighborhood. We have also transformed neglected lots into active green spaces.

Apprenticeships must include farming and/or gardening, and they must be based in or
connected to New York City in some way.

Is the work of your site rooted in or connected to New York City? Yes

Newark is the most populous city in New Jersey and the seat of Essex County. As one of the nation's major air, shipping, and rail hubs, the city has a population of 281,944, an increase of 1.7% from the 2010 enumeration, ranking the city the 70th largest in the nation. Newark is the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area, located approximately 8 miles (13 km) west of lower Manhattan. 

Settled in 1666 by Puritans from New Haven Colony, Newark is one of the oldest European cities in the United States. Its location at the mouth of the Passaic River (where it flows into Newark Bay), has made the city's waterfront an integral part of the Port of New York and New Jersey. Today, Port Newark Elizabeth is the primary container shipping terminal of the busiest seaport on the American East Coast. In addition, Newark Liberty International Airport was the first municipal commercial airport in the United States, and today is one of its busiest.

Several leading companies have their headquarters in Newark, including Prudential, PSEG, Panasonic Corporation of North America,, IDT Corporation, and Manischewitz. A number of important higher education institutions are also located in the city, including the Newark campus of Rutgers University (which includes law and medical schools and the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies); the New Jersey Institute of Technology; and Seton Hall University's law school. The U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey sits in the city as well. Local cultural venues include the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark Symphony Hall, The Prudential Center and the Newark Museum.

Does your site work with low-income communities? Yes

Food justice advocates and providing access to fresh, locally grown food. Newark, NJ is burdened with an array of socioeconomic and environmental challenges, with 70% of it being impervious surface that contributes to storm runoff. As a major transit hub and port city residents have asthma rates over 25%. Studies reveal that less than 1/5 of Newark children meet recommendations for vegetable intake.

The apprentice will gain experience in the cultivation of: vegetables, fruits, herbs

If your site is a farm, garden, or other crop propagation site, please check all that apply: organic but not certified

Does your site employ any non-organic farming practices (i.e. pesticides, fertilizers)? No

Apprentice Requirements

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you want in your Farm School NYC student?

  • Be flexible and a self-starter, comfortable with minimum direction.
  • Some urban agriculture experience.

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you require in your Farm School NYC student?

  • Be flexible and a self-starter, comfortable with minimum direction.
  • Some urban agriculture experience.

Would you like any Farm School courses to be prerequisites for your apprenticeship? Please check all that apply: N/A

If a Farm School NYC student is interested in your apprenticeship, what type of application materials do you want from them? Cover Letter, Resume, Interview