Lise Lorimer

Lise Lorimer
Crop Management Instructor

Lise Lorimer has been working on farms and gardens for over ten years and is currently the Farm Manger at Queens Botanical Garden (QBG) Farm. Her focus at QBG Farm is to grow healthy soil, which in turn provides nutritious food, and helps support healthy New Yorkers. The 3/4 acre farm not only grows food but also accepts food scraps from the public to turn into high quality compost. By encouraging our community to recycle food scraps we're able to change attitudes about waste and demonstrate a complete cycle of where our food comes, where it can go, and how it can benefit us beyond calories.
Lise enjoys being a part of a strong urban farming community and looks to support new comers. With the support of QBG farm she is able to train a team of apprentices, host open volunteer days, and offer tours of the site.

Teaching Crop Management for Farm School is one of the highlights of every season; she feels like she gains as much as she gives. Lise sees teaching as another form of learning and is thrilled to be in a line of work where nature and community always provide new lessons.

Lise leading a Farm School NYC Crop Management class in 2013.