Kelly Street

Kelly Street Garden

Location of apprenticeship site:

924 Kelly Street, Bronx, NY 10459

Name and title of supervisor:

Sheryll Durrant, Resident Garden Manager

Supervisor contact info (e-mail and phone):

(Phone): (347) 903-0551 (Email):

Number of apprenticeship positions available at your site:


Title of apprenticeship position(s):

Garden Apprentice

Is your site accessible via NYC public transportation (i.e. train or bus)? 

Take the 2 or 5 train to Intervale Avenue OR 6 train to Longwood Avenue. The garden is 2 blocks from the 2 and 5. Garden entrance is just down the steps at 924 Kelly Street.

Why do you want to work with a Farm School NYC apprentice?

The garden is now in it’s 4th season, with 2500 sq ft. of growing space located in the back of an affordable housing complex, along with a 7500 gallon rainwater harvesting irrigation system. We believe we will benefit from students that have hands on working experience in a variety of community garden and urban farm spaces city-wide; and have the benefit of learning from as many different leaders and experts in the field. On the other hand, apprentices will have the opportunity to put their Farm School training into practice — such as developing our crop plans, increasing our food production, improving our garden infrastructure, and overall pest management

# of Hours per week: 8-10 hours minimum 

# of Hours total: at least 140 hours

Does your apprenticeship have a specific start and end date? 

We are flexible, anytime from March to November

Does your apprenticeship have a work schedule with specific days and times? 

This should be arranged with the resident garden manager and the garden assistant. Open hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Financial Details

Will you offer the apprentice payment or a stipend? If yes, please describe:

No…but apprentices are free to share in the harvest. They also have the opportunity to receive a stipend if they can offer a workshop.


Apprenticeship Description

Please list all of the following categories that apply to this apprenticeship:

Crop Production, Garden Educator, Youth Farm Stand, Cooking Demonstrations, Pest Management, Irrigation and Community Engagement

Please describe the apprenticeship responsibilities and tasks. Please specify if the apprentice will have a specific project or whether they will be involved with general operations:

This is a food justice project and apprentices will be engaged in activities and operations that help to further that aim. However they are free to focus on an area of interest as long as it is not counter to our mission.

What will the apprentice learn through this apprenticeship?

Kelly Street Garden is located in what has been identified as the poorest congressional district in the United States, and the lowest rated county by health in New York State. The aim of the garden is to meet some of the health challenges through our “Healthy Eating” initiative, as well as many of the social issues that have plagued the South Bronx for the past few decades. Apprentices will learn community engagement through their interactions with our population, how to engage local youth in our programming as well as all of the fundamental aspects of maintaining a small scale farm. Our free food distribution program is at the heart of this social justice project, which paves the way for understanding the purpose of urban agriculture within this realm.


Supervisor & Site Details

How does your farm/project reflect the following Farm School NYC vision: “Farm School NYC aims to increase the self-reliance of communities and inspire positive local action around issues of food access and social, economic and racial justice”?

The Kelly Street Garden mission essentially is to provide healthy food to local residents free of charge. This requires an education component since this community has a long history of negative impacts brought on by poverty, health issues and poor dietary choices. Through our Youth Farm Stand, we have been able to harness the enthusiasm of local youth in supporting the distribution of harvested produce directly to community members. The garden grew over 1,100 pounds of food over the last 2 seasons, distributing to an average of 25 families per week this year. Additionally, our Garden Educator Program recruits local community chefs and horticultural teachers to impart knowledge on how to use what we grow into their daily lives to improve health and well-being, as well as learn the science behind farming and sustainability.

What experience and knowledge will you (the Supervisor) share with the apprentice? 

More than 10 years of experience working with urban agriculture projects from start-up through implementation. Experience in community engagement, fundraising, marketing and food justice advocacy.

What is exciting about your apprenticeship site?

Kelly Street Garden demonstrates what a successful community engagement project can look like by providing income opportunity for some local residents, as well as a place for youth empowerment and education. We work with over 20 non-funding partners who offer a range of benefits to our garden — such as youth mentorship programs, maintaining a mini-orchard, art in the garden, cooking demonstrations, creative event planning and the continuous need to find solutions to ongoing challenges.

Is the work of your site rooted in or connected to New York City? 

Yes, the site is located in the Hunts Point/Longwood section of the South Bronx. Our work is specifically in NYC. Food will be grown for and by local residents.

Does your site work with low-income communities?

Yes, the site is located on the property of an affordable housing complex. The space stretches the length of 4 buildings and includes a community room where cooking and meetings take place. Our produce is harvested and given freely to a community with a history of poor access to good, clean, healthy produce. Our goals are to educate our neighbors on diet, gardening, art and care for a common space.

The apprentice will gain experience in the cultivation of (please list all that apply):

Vegetables, Fruit Trees, Herbs

If your site is a farm, garden, or other crop propagation site, please list all that apply:

Organic but not certified  

Does your site employ any non-organic farming practices (i.e. pesticides, fertilizers)?



Apprentice Requirements

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you want in your Farm School NYC student? 

A deep interest in working with low income communities, and the deep need to understand how urban agriculture can be used as a tool for change. Spanish speaker would be a plus.

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you require in your Farm School NYC student? 

General garden experience 

Which Farm School NYC courses are prerequisites for your apprenticeship? Please list all that apply:

Not mandatory but the following would be helpful: Food Justice, Propagation, Growing Soil, Carpentry & Building, Crop Management, Community Food Arts

If a Farm School NYC student is interested in your apprenticeship, what type of application materials do you want from them?

Cover letter, Resume, Interview, Site Visit

More info: website