KCC Urban Farm

KCC Urban Farm

Location of apprenticeship site: 2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11235

Name of organization or business, if different from site name:

Kingsborough Community College/CEWD

Name and title of supervisor: Cris Izaguirre, Farm Manager

Supervisor Phone Number: 718-368-6578

Supervisor Email: cris.izaguirre@kbcc.cuny.edu

Number of Apprenticeship Positions available at your site: 1

Title of apprenticeship position(s): Farm School NYC Apprentice

Have you had a Farm School NYC Apprentice in the past?

Yes, Lucretia John

Is your site accessible via NYC public transportation (i.e. train or bus)? 

Yes, Q or B to Brighton Beach then B1 bus

Why do you want to work with a Farm School NYC apprentice?

Farm School NYC Apprentices would bring a level of expertise about organic farming production to KCC Urban farm. In particular I'm impressed with Farm School NYC's commitment to racial, economic and social justice.

If your site is not selected by a Farm School NYC student, would you like to make your apprenticeship available to the public? No

Apprentice Work Schedule

Number of hours per week: 15-20 hours per week

Number of hours total: 200 hours

Does your apprenticeship have a specific start and end date?

Yes, March - December

Does your apprenticeship have a work schedule with specific days and times?

Yes, Monday & Thursday 8:30 am - 2:00pm, T, W 9-2pm (flexible)

Does your apprenticeship have a work schedule that is flexible / are you willing to wait and create a schedule that works for the apprentice? Yes

Financial Details

Will you offer the apprentice payment or a stipend? No

Apprenticeship Description

Please check all of the following categories that apply to this apprenticeship:

  • Crop Production
  • Teaching
  • Community Food Arts

Please describe the apprenticeship responsibilities and tasks. Please specify if the apprentice will have a specific project or whether they will be involved with general operations.

The apprentice will be involve in pest management, harvest, farm maintenance, propagation, irrigation as well as educational aspects of the farm, social justice curriculum and participating in farm community events.

What will the apprentice learn through this apprenticeship?

KCC Urban Farm is a 1/4 acre organic high production farm. Our mission is to catalyze, thought, dialogue and action in food system issues. The apprentice will learn all aspects of the farm operations: pest management, harvest, propagation, irrigation. I received my Ecological Horticulture Certificate from CASFS in 2013 and specialized in irrigation systems. In addition I was an apprentice in Kona, Hawaii on a Ho'oli Farm, a permaculture farm owned and operated by native Hawaiian elders. I have a strong commitment to social, racial, economic and gender justice, which shapes my everyday work. Who ever chooses to work with me will learn aspect of organic agriculture /biodiverse methods while maintaining a sharp analysis of the world around them.

Supervisor & Site Details

How does your farm/project reflect the following Farm School NYC vision: “Farm School NYC aims to increase the self-reliance of communities and inspire positive local action around issues of food access and social, economic and racial justice”?

Our mission is to catalyze, thought, dialogue and action in food system issues. We work with students from the 5 boroughs who are coming from immigrant & communities of color. We are dedicated to not only growing the food on the farm but understanding the underlying causes of food insecurities in our communities, including how: redlining, gentrification, institutional racism and the prison industrial complex inhibit our communities ability to thrive. At the same time we uphold our BIPOC communities ability to resist and thrive in the face of oppression.

What experience and knowledge will you (the Supervisor) share with the apprentice?

See above. I hold a Ecological Horticulture Certificate from UC Santa Cruz's Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems. I have farmed in rural Hawaii, Santa Cruz, Oakland, CA and Brooklyn NY.

What is exciting about your apprenticeship site?

Working with a diverse population of young people. KCC Urban Farm doesn't only grow food, we are committed to growing our community, the farm is a community space where some of our most marginalized students feel "safer." We also hold Social Justice Huddles, these are intentional workshops/conversations on social justice issues that impact us, some topics include: Colonization, Patriarchy & Consent, Decolonizing Crop Origins, Food Systems, Climate Change & more.

Please describe how the work of your site is rooted in or connected to New York City:

We are located on the campus of Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn and provide farm education and free produce to students that come from all 5 boroughs to Kingsborough Community College.

Does your site work with low-income populations?

Yes, KCC Urban farm provides free organic produce to Kingsborough students, 70% of which receive financial aid, this means they have annual income of $20,000 or less.

The apprentice will gain experience in the cultivation of: (please check all that apply):

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Herbs

If your site is a farm, garden, or other crop propagation site, please check all that apply:

  • Organic but not certified
  • Biodynamic
  • Use IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Does your site employ any non-organic farming practices (i.e. pesticides, fertilizers)? No

Apprentice Requirements

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you WANT in your Farm School NYC student? *

The apprentice should have a strong commitment to racial, social, economic & gender justice. We prioritize people of color farmers/food workers and Queer & Trans POC. They should be committed to the space, we aren't just an urban farm that grows food, we are committed to the young people that are part of the farm, we consider the farm a community and "safer" space for student. The apprentice should have a strong work ethic, be able to arrive on time for harvest, multitask, be able to receive constructive feedback, have patience and be excited to work on our 1/4 by the beach.

What qualifications, skills, and experience do you REQUIRE in your Farm School NYC student? *

Basic knowledge of propagation, irrigation, pest ID, great communication skills, willingness to learn. Humor is great too!

Which of the following courses are necessary prerequisites for your apprenticeship? Please check all that apply: 

  • Food Justice
  • Training of the Trainers
  • Botany
  • Propagation
  • Growing Soil
  • Irrigation
  • Pest/Disease ID and Management
  • Crop Planning
  • Preparing for Winter
  • Transformational Leadership

If a Farm School NYC student is interested in your apprenticeship, what type of application materials do you want from them (please check all that apply)? *

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Interview

Please explain: *

A meeting with myself and the Farm Educator to get a sense of the apprentice and how they would fit with the team.