Growing Soils

Growing Soils


Course Description

Producing healthy, abundant crops for our communities, growing a more just food system --these are the righteous preoccupations of most urban growers.  Sometimes, we spend more time imagining abundant harvests than we do thinking about growing great soil. Yet, healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy ecosystem and farm -- a foundation that saves us time and energy when done right.

In this core course, students will survey soil science and sustainable soil cultivation and fertility practices -- from cover cropping to compost, No-Till to French Intensive. You will explore issues surrounding soil toxicity and the delicate but vital relationship between irrigation and soil cultivation. You will visit both an urban rooftop farm and a couple of regional farms to learn from experienced farmers about their different soil fertility management approaches, as well as their production, labor, and marketing practices. Finally, you will look at soil through various lenses of food justice work, and have discussion around those topics.

April 22 - May 20, 2015
Wednesdays, 6 -9 pm
Saturdays, 10 - 2 pm 
(Saturday, May 16, 8am - 5pm)

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