Program Costs

Tuition is offered on a sliding scale to increase equity and accessibility in order to create diverse and dynamic programming. Our scale is based on the Federal Poverty Level Chart with adjustments for privilege and inequity. We rely on your honesty when determining your payment level. Your tuition helps to cover the costs of the school and allows us to continue offering sliding scale tuition subsidies. We are working together to build a just and sustainable food system – thank you for your integrity in helping to move our efforts forward.

To determine your tuition level, choose your household size and annual income on the Payment Level Chart. Our class prices are based on having a diverse balance of student income levels. We understand that there are circumstances beyond income, but please know our funding is very limited, and we are committed to making our courses available to the entire community. When determining your payment level, please keep the following in mind:

Reflect on privilege:  Consider the privilege you may have that others earning the same amount may not.  Your education, generational wealth, parental and community support, partnership status and other circumstances may offer you a safety net that allows more resilience when financial setbacks occur, or more confidence in accepting a financial commitment like Farm School NYC.

Realize our limitations: Farm School NYC raises funds and collects donations to cover the subsidized tuition costs that students at Levels 1-3 pay to attend. As a result, we have a limited number of spaces available at these subsidized levels, based on what we raise. Please keep that in mind as you apply, and please only choose these levels if you are eligible.

If you find that the tuition is still beyond your means, please contact us. We do not want financial inaccessibility to be a barrier for potential students.

Individual Course Examples

Two week course:

Level 4 (Full Tuition) $200

Level 3 $150

Level 2 $100

Level 1 $50

Four week course:

Level 4 (Full Tuition) $400

Level 3 $290

Level 2 $200

Level 1 $130

Citywide Certificate in Urban Agriculture (2 year program)

Level 4 (Full tuition) $5,600

Level 3- $3,800

Level 2- $1,600

Level 1- $720

Different payment programs are also available.