2017 Apprenticeship Site Options

Apprenticeship Site Options

 The apprenticeship sites listed below are for Farm School NYC students.  Please do not forward this link outside of the Farm School community.


Begin reaching out to sites as soon as you have identified your top choices. The contact information for each site is included in the site description. 

Submit all application materials to the host sites and to Farm School NYC by April 15, 2017. Each site has requested specific application materials, i.e.  cover letter, resume, interview. Be sure to complete the appropriate application steps for each individual site. Application materials can be emailed to Onika at onika@farmschoolnyc.org

After you have chosen the site you will work with, plan a meeting with your apprenticeship supervisor to complete your student contract and submit it to Farm School NYC by May 15, 2017.  Student Contracts can be emailed to Onika at onika@farmschoolnyc.org.


Ecostation: NY

Queens County Farm

Earth Matter Compost Learning Center

Greenhouse Program at Riker's Island

Kelly Street Garden

New Roots Community Farm