2017-2018 Citywide Certificate Students

Citywide Certificate Students


Aleyna Rodriguez-Sanes

Aleyna Rodriguez-Sanes was born and raised in the Bronx and is very excited to be a part of the Farm School family. She has great interest in permaculture and working with community gardens and the youth in the Bronx. Being in farm school will help to build her knowledge and background to share with the Bronx community and residents, connecting them to the environment, gardens, and food.





Anna Cheung

Anna is a native New Yorker and has been passionate about food, food systems and their impact on our planet and its inhabitants for as long as she can remember. She hopes to develop the necessary knowledge and skills from Farm School NYC become a better steward of our land, and she also hopes to be able to share this knowledge with others through education and training.


Cole Carothers

Cole Carothers (they/them pronouns) is a gender non-conforming, queer, mixed Filipino from California. Cole has been an organizer for the past five years with GABRIELA New York, a grassroots Filipino women’s organization connecting issues such as labor trafficking and violence against women to the women’s struggle in the Philippines. Together with their partner in love and life, Shilpa, Cole is co-founder of Khao’na Kitchen, a cooperative that connects youth and community to wellness strategies around food with the vision of creating self-reliant and sovereign community food systems. Cole is pumped to join the Farm School NYC family after working in education for the past five years and enriching their organizing and wellness work with a deeper knowledge of the land.


Jane Scruggs

Jane is an energetic gardener that has a strong passion for growing food. She is enthusiastic about being in the Farm School program, and the journey of becoming a food justice advocate.






Jo Galvis

Jo Galvis is a Queens-based immigrant from Colombia. During her 10 years in NYC she has worked as a mixed media documentarian, arts educator, and interpreter. The work of food justice activists and farmers of color have been crucial in the process of reconnecting with her family’s farming history, and in imagining autonomy, sustainable farming and collective cooking. Jo looks forward to learn, participate and build with the Farm School community.



Josh Lee

Josh grew up working on his family's farm in rural NC. He moved to NYC in 2010 to become a special education teacher in the Bronx, where he started his school's first ever boys and girls wrestling program. After seeing kids come to his class hungry on a regular basis, he started a Green Top Farms, an urban farm specializing in farm-to-table salad bars, which are now delivered all over NYC.


Juan Peralta

Juan Peralta is a Harlem native and resident. He is a community organizer, activist and advocate who from a young age has worked on fighting an array of issues affecting Black, Brown and Working Class People the world over. Juan is interested in the holistic approach to medicine especially in using food as our medicine. He identifies as an Anti-Capitalist and believes in the importance of community self sustainability and learning skills that are essential to life but are often forgotten due to control of production and lack of day to day necessity such as identifying plants, being able to create structures, being able to grow, harvest and prepare your own food. Juan is extremely excited to be part of Farm School is ready to learn.


Kathryn Tanner

Kathryn Tanner is a Family Nurse Practitioner working currently in the Morris Heights area of the Bronx. She is excited to learn how to grow food and to promote accessibility to healthy foods in her community. She believes her work in health promotion by way of being a healthcare provider can't stop at patient education but needs to go further to change access to land and food. Kathryn believes that access to healthy food, as well as healthcare, is a right all people should have and she excited to do whatever she can to support the fight for this right. The fact that both are businesses in this country makes her very upset as we shouldn't profit off of one another. One day she hopes to work in a clinic attached to a garden and to write prescriptions for vegetables as well as for medicines.

Nicole Morris website photo.jpg

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris is a community organizer raised in Long Island and currently resides in Queens, New York.  This native New Yorker holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from SUNY Albany and a master’s degree in Data Analytics & Applied Social Research from CUNY Queens College.  Nicole is very active in her community through her steady involvement with organizations like Friends of Idlewild Park and The Urban Nature & Agriculture Project.  She also volunteers with the Merrick-Marsden Neighbors Association Community Garden in Jamaica, Queens.  Although her expertise is in social science research, Nicole plans to combine her love for nature, agriculture, and public policy as a way to cultivate urban communities into vibrant centers for community gardens and self-sustaining food production.  Learn more about Friends of Idlewild Park.

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Nikki Tourigny

Nikki Tourigny is excited to celebrate her 5th year in NYC by learning, listening, and cross-pollinating with Farm School's diverse community of students and educators. A longtime advocate for Food Justice, Nikki believes that everyone has a right to define their own food system and she seeks out new ways to empower individuals and communities through food and art. Nikki currently lives in Brooklyn, eats in Queens, and works in Manhattan as a Job Coach for low-income folks seeking food industry careers.


RaviR Pic.jpg

Ravi Ramawamy

Ravi is originally from Michigan and has been a Brooklyn resident for six years. After a fifteen year career in youth development, he has been a full-time stay at home dad for the past year. Ravi is excited for the opportunity to combine his experience with facilitation and education with his love for food and desire to contribute to food justice and access throughout New York City.





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Rosalba Lopez Ramirez

Rosalba has experience in community organizing, urban gardening and youth development. She works for a NYC youth development organization, and is honored to have spent two years working in the South Bronx with the Kelly Street Garden (KSG) as the Garden Manager developing community, gardening and youth programming.  Farm School is a critical step for her family’s vision to grow a community established land-based learning space with a focus on empowering young people of color.

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Rose Weiss

Rose Weiss is a chef, organizer and gardener, thrilled to be a part of Farm School NYC. More than a decade working in the restaurant industry awakened her to the many systemic inequities permeating our food system, which she is now committed to addressing. As a chef, she is a passionate practitioner of food waste minimization who loves to create and share something delicious out of whatever is at hand — preferably grown nearby.


Hobson FSNYC photo.png

Sam Hobson

Sam considers herself a queer Black contrarian committed to the past, present, and future of Black womyn and all queer people of color.   She is out here to grow into a grower – of food, of minds, of spirits, of transformation.  They are especially looking forward to using this beautiful opportunity to collaborate with queer and trans youth in developing a gardening program at the Ali Forney Center.






Shari Rose

Shari is a proud native Brooklynite, and is an avid environmental educator in NYC. She is currently the program manager for City Parks Foundation's Learning Gardens program. Her favorite hobbies include nature walks with her toddler, eating spicy food, and container gardening.





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Simone Johnson

Simone is so excited to be a part of the 2017-2018 cohort. She is interested in being a small-scale flower-florist and seed farmer, while also growing certain vegetable crops and perennials. Simone is also an interdisciplinary movement and visual artist, and loves to travel.





Sunny Vazquez

Sunny Vazquez is a multi-dimensional creative using photography for her visual pleasure and music to transcend and uplift the community around her. Her interest in the Citywide Certificate program sparked when she realized she wanted to take sustainability and building community to the next level.




Vianca Lugo

Vianca Lugo is a 24 year old filmmaker and second generation Nuyorican living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work mostly deals with the role of food in family, identity, and displacement. She is so grateful to have found a hands-on learning alternative that centers marginalized voices and looks forward to using the skills she'll gain in Farm School NYC as a means of strengthening the alliance between her community here and on the island of Puerto Rico.




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Yemi Abioye

Yemi has a passion for wellness and the environment.  Trained as a nutritionist, she received her BA in Food & Nutrition from Queens College, CUNY.  An interest in healthcare and health systems led her to receive a Masters in Public Health from Drexel School of Public Health. Yemi continues her studies in herbalism and farming, and endeavors to become a holistic nurse.  She envisions empowering individuals through food and holistic healthcare.