2016-2017 Farm Intensive Certificate Students


Carlos Espinal

Hello everyone, I am Carlos Espinal, creative designer, permaculture enthusiast and founder of 100th Seed, a grassroots movement that focuses on reconnecting with our food through, volunteerism, urban farming and green initiatives. I look forward to sharing this learning experience with other motivated passionate people focused on creating the change they wish to see in this world. I love the outdoors, slow food and natural medicine, nature is what inspires me everyday.

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Clara Son

Hello! My name is Clara. I'm a Boston native, current Brooklyn resident, and a lover of all things green and all things chocolate. I come to Farm School with some farm apprenticeship experience, thanks to the dedicated staff of the Food Pantry Farm in East Hampton, NY. Having only scratched the surface of the world of sustainable agriculture, I am hungry to learn the nuances of plant health, to get my hands dirty alongside members of the Youth Farm community, and to work with the amazing network of urban agriculture pioneers that partner with Farm School.


Ini Udosen

I'm called Ini Udosen. I moved to NY from the Bay Area six years ago, and was moved to help create access to nutrient-dense foods. I'm excited to be learning Earth work with Farm School that will literally and figuratively give me access to learn different ways of planting seeds that will benefit our communities for generations to come.



John Deloatch

My dream is to make "A Sanctuary for Wild Colors" come true - a farm focused on the cultural and economic sovereignty of Queer Black and Hispanic. Working with nature is spiritual healing and I regularly enjoy being in green spaces as well as writing poetry. 

Kim Johnson

I recently made a career change back into the world of urban agriculture with a focus on youth education. I just finished up my first season working with City Growers where I led educational workshops at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm. I have a long standing passion for food justice and have had the pleasure of working with a few of the incredible organizations that are paving the way for a more just and sustainable food system. I look forward to learning more from my peers and teachers at Farm School NYC!

Melissa Costa

I have worked as a youth worker/social worker for many years and find it very rewarding. I love being a mentor as well as a student and seek to build genuine life connections with those around me. I want to create a healing community in which people can work to remember who they are through acts of self love, and to harvest strength and compassion for nature, themselves, and each other.

Rena Lee

I'm Rena, an admirer of wild urban plants, a waste wizard in training, and a proud aunt of two.  I'm eager to learn how to build beautiful and productive public spaces.


Rosa Karim

Raised in NC, rooted in NYC, I am an artist and a designer, passionate about urban farming and its role in promoting food justice in local, urban communities. I have taken various classes at Farm School NYC and participated in the Youth Farm's 2016 summer internship program. I also volunteer at Sprout by Design, an organization in NY that designs, builds, and teaches local communities about urban gardening. The accelerated program will give me the hands on, intensive training I need to develop farming skills and gain useful knowledge, so that I can be an asset to the urban farm community.

Wendy Lee

My name is Wendy Lee born and raised in the heart of Chinatown, New York from 1st generation Chinese Americans. Currently work as a financial analyst but my heart sings for food, animals, people and making things with my hands. My life quote is from Maya Angelou, “When You Know Better, Do Better.”