2015 CRAFT Days Recap:

Farm School NYC students in our certificate program complete a season-long apprenticeship at a local farm to further their knowledge and skills with more in-depth, hands-on experience under the tutelage of experienced farmers.  Each apprentice hosts a CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training) Day, an event where they share their knowledge learned on their farms through hands on activities. We invite apprentices from across the region -- and the wider Farm School community -- to join them. Sign our mailing list for information on 2016 CRAFT Days. Check out our 2015 Advanced Courses Recap to learn about the classes certificate students took as they completed their 2015 apprenticeships. 

Kingsborough Community College Urban Farm CRAFT Day

November 21, 2015
Farm School NYC student Lucretia John apprenticed at Kingsborough Community College this year, a beach-front farm in Brooklyn growing tons of mixed vegetables and fruit in raised beds filled with compost.  Lucretia and farm manager Chris Izaguirre led attendees in a farm tour and ambitious raised bed build. 

Earth Matter CRAFT Day

November 16, 2015
David Granik knew he wanted to focus on compost for his Farm School NYC apprenticeship, and Earth Matter Compost Learning Center on Governor's Island offered a great opportunity.  For his CRAFT Day, David led attendees in filling a 1 cubic yard compost bin that he built with the perfect balance of browns, greens and food scraps.  Earth Matters directors Marisa DeDominicis and Charles Bayrer joined them all for lunch and a tour of the compost windrows operations onsite.

Youth Farm CRAFT Day

November 7, 2015
Farm School NYC apprentices Erin Mercier and Sheryll Durrant put their farm to bed for the winter at their CRAFT Day at The Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service.  In addition to clearing spent crops from beds and gathering materials for composting, they also planted garlic before tucking into a delicious potluck lunch.

Queens Botantical Garden

October 24, 2015
Attendees learned all about garlic -- from fall planting to summer harvesting and everything in between -- at this CRAFT Day led by apprentice Lee Gerardi and her supervisor Lise Lorimer.  The afternoon began with a tour and progressed into bed prepping and garlic planing, and ended with a potluck, a Farm School NYC tradition.

Snug Harbor CRAFT Day

September 27, 2015
Snug Harbor hosted five Farm School NYC apprentices this season on the farm's two acres this growing season -- Andrea Crawford, Cynthia Mellon, Francois Piebo, Shephali Patel and Travis Frazelle.  The apprentices joined farm manager Jon Wilson in hosting this CRAFT Day, which included a tour of the harvesting and processing operation for restaurant clients, a tractor demo, and direct seeding/transplanting activities.

Brooklyn Grange CRAFT Day

August 29, 2015
Farm School NYC students Ali Jacobs, Tamara Bogolasky and Ally Manning each apprenticed at one of the Brooklyn Grange's two locations in 2015, and joined together at the Brooklyn Navy Yards location for one CRAFT Day this August.  After an extensive tour of the site with farmers Matt Jefferson and Ben Flanner, attendees did a full farm harvest -- lots of lettuce mix, countless cucumbers -- before a potluck lunch.

Sisters Hill Farm

July 6, 2015
Farm School NYC student Katherine Chiu was an apprentice at Sisters Hill Farm in Stanfordville, NY this season, and Katherine invited attendees to join Farmer Dave Hambleton at a CRAFT Day focusing on mechanical cultivation for weed control and infrastructure. The tour included their new loading dock, yards of level concrete slab, root washer station, hands free pressure assisted bunch washer, mini and regular pallet system, electronic pallet scale, ergonomic height adjustable wash station, rolling greenhouse benches, and new cooler. Phew!

Did you attend a CRAFT Day?  Send photos to info@farmschoolnyc.org!