2015 Advance Course Recap

2015 Advance Courses Recap:

Farm School NYC offers advanced courses to the depth and breadth of material covered in core courses. Students in our certificate program who have completed at least 11 of the required 14 core courses are eligible to take advanced courses.  In some cases, students not in our certificate program may be able to register for these courses if they have take certain prerequisites.  


September - October 2015
Students collaborated with teacher Michelle Hughes of the National Young Farmer's Coalition to learn the fundamentals of business planning, development and managing enterprises in a local food system.  Were you in this class?  Send photos to info@farmschoolnyc.org!

Community Food Arts

July - August 2015
Okra pickles, bourbon peach preserves, fruit leather and salsa -- these are just a sample of the delicious products developed by students in this year's course.  Teacher Michaela Hayes, owner of Crock and Jar, guided students through not just making these edibles, but through the whole process of developing value-added items, including health and food safety standards, regulations and licensing.

Advanced Teaching

June - July 2015
Certificate students who mastered our core course Training of Trainers refined their facilitation and teaching skills in this course.  Career educator and Farm School alumna Ai Hirashiski led the course, which culminated with student-developed and led workshops on topics from identifying invasive plants to calculating costs of production to understanding the sugar content in prepared foods. 

Animal Husbandry

April - My 2015
Bees and chickens may be our city's most popular farm animals, but certificate students in this course also learned the basics of caring for goats, sheep, pigs, and fish grown aquaponically. Field trips to Oko Farms, an aquaponic operation in Brooklyn, and Stone Barns, where instructor Dan Carr is on the livestock team, were course highlights. 


February - March 2015
Instructors Fran Miller and Karen Washington really outdid themselves this year with the caliber of guest teachers -- from Dr. Regina Bernard, a Baruch College professor leading food justice advocacy in the Bronx with her students, Barbara Turk, Director of Food Policy, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and Diana Robinson of Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Advance Crop Planning

January - February 2015
Before decamping to the Hudson Valley to head up SOl Flower Farm, longtime Bushwick Campus Farm Manager Maggie Cheney led almost 20 certificate students through this popular course.  Students gained a deeper understanding of specific plant families, including crop science and growing needs, and developed and presented crop plans with our region in mind.